Modern Business & Life is Complicated

But they needn’t be. There’s a better way…

Meet Ian

Ian has dedicated his life to suffering through horrible confusions so that others don’t have to. His claim to fame is that he discovered a profound, life-and-business-changing truth:

Having the right know-how and applying it in an optimized sequence is the most efficient and painless path to a life of personal and business success. In fact, without this, the chances of creating abundant success are almost nil. Who knew?

  • He is an entrepreneur and business strategist in both Asia and in the West.
  • He has spent much of his life delivering practical, results-driven education in multiple fields.
  • He’s a coach to individuals and businesses.
  • He’s a consultant to SMEs.
  • He’s a passionate technology architect and a creator of high-end software.

Perhaps above all, Ian’s a bulldog problem solver and an evangelist of simple, human-friendly technology.

What We Do for You

We take the confusion out of modern business and life so you can focus on what you love doing and become a roaring success at it.

To achieve this, we’re all about applying know-how in optimized sequences. Think about painting a room two very different ways: one, you do things in order; two, you jumble the sequence of the steps. What’s the difference in the outcome?

The same principle applies to your business. This is where we come in.

We help you to…

  1. Understand the core value that you have to offer.
  2. Find and understand the niche market that wants or needs what you offer.
  3. Structure your offerings to match these needs and wants.
  4. Reach your market with strategic, persuasive communication that prompts them to respond to you and buy.
  5. Create and manage your magnetic reputation.
  6. Manage your market through strategic social media and CRM.
  7. Build a dual “hands-on & automated” marketing machine that builds your business 24/7.
  8. Manage your online business in a way that keeps you at the forefront of your industry.
“I immediately put into action Ian’s perfect recommendation. The very same day of me changing my thinking, I saw a position based in the City of London that paid the rates I wanted, which was triple what I was currently getting! “I have never been able to pull off a miracle like this before. I have struggled and put too much effort into obtaining what I want. This time, it was easy with Ian’s help. “Thank you to Ian for a great workshop and solution!” Russell Bernstein

SAP Analytics Consultant, Freelancer (London & International)

“Ian introduced me to his strategic social media plan and the wins I got from the first step alone made me realize that he knows what he’s doing and the proper sequence in which to intelligently expand – in any field.

“I now have the tools that my dive is focused and will slice through the barriers. I’m very excited about my journey and am confident that I will achieve my goals with this technology. Thank you Ian for your care and support and your genuine desire to help.”

Kyera Keenne

Singer / Songwriter / Composer, Solo Artist (NYC)